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"I loved the book (Marion the Magnet) and the 'growth mindset' it supported!  We have done a lot at school the past 2 years with growth mindset!" -  

Jesse H., School Principal

"Marion's friends find that keeping a positive attitude helps to bring good things into their lives."

-Michelle Smith

You have a very important concept here, Sharon, not only for children, but for adults as well." -

Sara, The E-Book Directory


"The pictures are accessible and whimsical, the messages powerful and hit the spot!" -

Annette Rasmussen, Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist 

“Thanks so much - these will be perfect for our teen trauma recovery group!”-

Pamela Albers, LCSW, CATSM - Program Director of Community Outreach Services - Crescent House Healing Center

Welcome to High Vibrations Publishing

High Vibrations Publishing Company offers books and teaching materials that inspire young minds to explore the power of positive thinking and behavior.

If you are a teacher, counselor, or parent I hope you choose to share these products with the children in your life. As a result, you too are reminded of the simple basic principles of the power of positive thought!

Thank you for assisting me in spreading positivity!

Sharon Hackleman

Marion the Magnet's First Mission

Marion the Magnet is off on his first mission to planet Earth! Chosen by the Big Magnet, Marion and his grandfather travel to planet Earth to teach the children about their very own magnetic power: the magnetic power of thought!

On Earth, Marion and his new friend, Cassie, share Marion's "easy as 1-2-3, think it to be" lesson with the children. The children follow the plan and learn how to use their magnetic powers to attract what they want!

Format - ebook  4-9,  pages - 19   $3.99 -Available at

Mind Time Cards

Mind Time Cards are a deck of 31 inspiring daily affirmations created to teach young minds about the magical powers of positive thought and the importance of feeling good about oneself in body, mind and spirit!

Author's note - Mind Time Cards were created while I was a resident counselor at a group home for at-risk teen girls. I was blessed to be able to have the girls' input throughout the creative process.  This was truly a wonderful co-creative experience which we all enjoyed!

Deck - 31 cards  $16.95 ea 
Available at