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High Vibrations

Positive Publications for Kids

"When I feel happy I am connected to a very powerful positive energy...that's why being happy feels so good! Look for reasons to be happy today."  - Mind Time Cards

About Me

 My name is Sharon Hackleman and I am the author and creator of Marion the Magnet's First Mission and the Mind Time Cards: Positive Thought Cards for Teens.

In my personal experience counseling at-risk teens in group homes for several years I had the opportunity to witness firsthand what negative influences do to the developing mind of a child. Listening to the children's stories I was inspired to create positive thought materials to assist them in attuning their minds to the higher positive vibrations of love and healing.

Positive affirmations can be very powerful to the mind. I believe in today’s society it is all too easy for children to find ‘negative affirmations’ everywhere they look: television, the internet, movie theaters, school, and sadly enough their own homes. By creating books and materials that teach children the importance of using their mind in a positive, productive way it is my intention to influence them to choose positive thoughts and behavior over negative.

 If you are a teacher, counselor, or parent, I hope you choose to share my products with the children in your life.

Thank you for assisting me in spreading positivity!