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Mind Time Cards

Mind Time Cards are a deck of 31 positive daily affirmations created for the SOUL purpose of teaching young minds about the magical power of positive thought and creative visualization. Using the Mind Time Cards can help young developing minds learn how to utilize their power of positive focus to feel good about themselves – body, mind, and spirit! 

Thank you for assisting me in spreading positivity! - Sharon Hackleman

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"The pictures are accessible and whimsical, the messages powerful and hit the spot." - Annette Rasmussen, Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist

Ages 4-8  ebook $3.99, paperback $11.95

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Marion the Magnet's First Mission

Marion the Magnet, is off on his first mission to planet Earth! Being chosen by the Big Magnet, Marion and his grandfather travel to planet Earth to teach the children about their very own magnetic power: the magnetic power of thought!

On Earth, Marion and his new friend, Cassie, share Marion's "easy as 1-2-3, think it to be" lesson with the children. Following the lesson plan the children learn that their thoughts are indeed magnetic and begin to use their powers to attract what they want!

Think  Daydream  Believe!

"Woven into the highly imaginative and dramatic, interest grabbing story line, the "easy as 1-2-3 think it to be!" philosophy helps children of all ages spark their imagination while providing a gateway to creative visualization."

--Light Word Reviews